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This is a BUSINESS CARD HOLDER from the accessory brand "CRAFT BEING", a collaborative project between Yamagami Woodworking and woodworker Santaro Takahashi. Due to popular demand, we will also be selling it online. (Sorry, it's sold out)


It has an impressive, supple curved design and fits snugly into your chest pocket. The business card is also bent along the curve, so it won't fall off even if you point it downwards. The finish is an oil finish, giving you a luxurious feel of wood. Depending on the thickness of the business cards, you can stock about 15 business cards.


*1: If there are not enough business cards, the stocked business cards inside will fall to the bottom.

*2. Text and logos can also be printed using a laser. ⇒As this is a special specification, there will be a separate production fee, and it will take about 2 weeks for production plus delivery time (varies depending on the quantity). Please use it as a gift. First, we will respond to you with an estimate. I look forward to hearing from you.


Person in charge: Yuichiro Yamagami TEL: 0152-76-4934 E-MAIL: