We introduced CNC routers in 1986, and simultaneous 5-axis machine tools in 1998. To date, we have more than 10 state-of-the-art CNC machines, including 3-axis and 5-axis machines, as well as other general-purpose machines. We have over 100 machines and provide various types of wood CNC processing services. It can handle everything from small rods to mass production, and can be made into any shape from wood. Please send us your drawings when making an inquiry. We can accommodate 2D and 3D data (DXF, IGES, STEP, parasolid).

Yamagami Mokko has been using CNC machine since 1986, and imported 5-axis CNC machine in 1998. We have most advance CNC machines, including 3 axis and 5 axis. We offer prototypes in high efficiency. And we offer different kind of wood CNC machining services including milling, cutting, engraving, surface grinding and much more.

Please send us your drawings or files with your inquiries. We accept all the common datas (dxf, iges, STEP, parasolid) or drawing (PDF, jpg, ai) files. Also, let us know your desired delivery date. Meanwhile, please let us know the desired quantity, and whether will you supply the materials or we will prepare them.

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STEP ① Contact us

Please feel free to contact us from the "CONTACT" page on our website.

Please let us know your desired delivery date, whether the materials will be provided or prepared by us, whether or not painting is required, and the desired quantity.

STEP ② Check drawings

Please submit drawing data (dxf, iges, STEP) or drawing (PDF, jpg, ai) files.

STEP ③ Submit a quote

We will provide you with a quotation after discussing the matter by phone or email.

STEP ④ Place your order

Please check the proposed estimate and final drawings, etc., and if there are no problems, please contact us to place your order.

STEP ⑤ Manufacturing/Delivery

Once the product is completed, we will arrange for shipping.

Equipment introduction

Complex 3D curved surface machining is possible with the latest technology simultaneous 5-axis control NC router.

We specialize in 3D processing such as processing and engraving of solid wood furniture parts.
As for the manufacturing method, we use CNC simultaneous 5-axis control to smoothly perform complex machining, and use the latest NC routers that can perform multiple processes at the same time.