TSKOOL, scheduled to open in spring 2018

About three years ago, the former Kakkumi Elementary School in Tsubetsu Town was closed.

We at Yamagami Mokko will reuse it.

In order to expand our business, we have continued to

Every day I fantasized about wanting to do this or that.

As a showroom for our own brands and other solid wood tables and single boards,

In addition, for the sale of interior goods and expansion of the factory area, etc.

It is natural to aim to further improve the level of the company, but

I also felt that that alone was not enough.

In the past, the school building must have been filled with the sounds of lively voices and laughter every day.

Many children have studied and graduated from this place.

As us,

If we can bring people here again,

I started to think that this was my way of giving back to them for letting me use this place.

Tsubetsu Town, in the Okhotsk area, is a town whose population has finally dropped below 5,000 people and is now in the 4,000 range.

It is one of the areas where so-called "depopulation" is progressing considerably.

There are only two convenience stores in town, and the area has a dark image, with no one walking around at night.

If we can increase the number of people who are attracted to this place and stop by,

And if it becomes an opportunity for people to fall in love with Tsubetsu Town,

As a company that grew up in this town for nearly 70 years, Yamagami Mokko has been in business for nearly 70 years.

I have come to believe that it is also a way of giving back.

In addition to expanding our own showroom and factory as mentioned at the beginning,

In the future, we are planning to open a woodworking class where students can create original items such as high-quality solid wood tables and desks, and we are planning a program where people can come here for a long period of time.

We would like to use the service to come up with projects that allow us to collaborate with people from other local industries (manufacturers, farmers, and restaurant owners).

We named this school building based on this image.

The name is Okhotsk (OKHOTSK) and the school (SCHOOL) that used to be a school.

With the image of Tsubetsu Town (TSUBETSU) and the idea of ​​making things.

We named it "TSKOOL."

In addition, we have a desire to attract many people to Tsubetsu Town, so

The logo letter OO is designed to resemble an open door.

That's "TSKOOL",

I've been asked a lot of questions like "When will it open?"

The reason I decided to make my name public

We have decided to open in the spring of 2018!

Honestly, there's still so much to do, I don't know if I'll be able to finish it in time, lol.

But we will do our best to open it sometime next spring!

The direction is by Mr. Ikebata from Sapporo.

I entrusted the graphics to Gemma's strongest partner in Asahikawa,

This time, we were able to visualize our thoughts.

Thank you very much.

Please continue to support Yamagami Mokko and TSKOOL as they aim to step up to the next generation!

Recently, many interesting projects and groups have been created by various people, especially in the Okhotsk area.

I would be really happy if this project could help lift up Tsubetsu Town and Okhotsk even in the slightest.

We will update information regularly until the opening!

And the homepage is also under construction! Stay tuned!