Our company Yamagami Mokko was featured in the 2022 edition of “Small and Medium Enterprise White Paper” and “Small Enterprise White Paper”

On April 26th, the 2022 edition of the ``White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises'' and ``White Paper on Small Enterprises,'' which was submitted to the Diet after a Cabinet decision, has been published.
Our company Yamagami Woodwork's efforts were published in this magazine. (Kitami City's environmental dining table is also featured!)
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“Successors can take advantage of the strengths cultivated by their predecessors and take on new initiatives.
A company that actively works to develop sales channels.”
Thanks to the president and the veteran craftsman staff, we have created a happy environment in which young staff, including myself, can take on new challenges, and the entire team will continue to push forward with the aim of making further progress.