Selected as the runner-up of Discover Treasure of Rural Areas

I attended the award ceremony for ``Discover Treasures of Rural Areas'' held at the Prime Minister's Office yesterday.
At this award ceremony, we won the ``Semi-Grand Prix''!
This form was selected from a total of 931 applications.

■What ``Discover Treasures of Rural, Mountain, and Fishing Villages'' is all about: In order to realize ``strong agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries,'' and ``beautiful and vibrant rural areas,'' we aim to revitalize the region and generate income by drawing out the potential of rural areas. The purpose is to select good examples of efforts to improve and disseminate them nationwide.

Although our talk with Prime Minister Abe was very short, he asked us about our town of Okhotsk and Tsubetsu, and he talked about our brand ``ISU-WORKS,'' which he highly praised. We were very happy that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries also saw the materials about our efforts.

We will continue to take on the challenge of being able to compete with the nation and the world, whether from a local area, a small town, or a small business!

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