Can handle anything twisted or bent

I was in charge of some interesting processing the other day.

The design is by industrial product designer Takashi Ito.

He is the one who has sent various things to the world.

The basic design is to connect two rings and roll them, and the purpose is to create the movement shown below.

If the accuracy is not good, there will be unnecessary resistance and you will not be able to roll a very long distance.

Therefore, although it is a small item like a toy, it is a product that requires precision and technology.

By the way, it seems that the previous model was capable of simultaneous 3-axis machining.

This latest model has a fully curved surface down to the smallest detail, and the machining process is also quite aggressive.

We can handle everything from small items to large items, as well as bent or twisted items.

If you are having trouble with processing, please contact Yamagami Woodworking!

design: Takashi Ito